The Wisdom of Nature’s Paradigm

  1. Amba says:

    awesome, reconfirms everything I thought about you when I met you. Smart, original, caring, authentic….thanks for turning me on to your site.

    • leifthor says:

      Thanks for the compliment and such kind words Amba:)

      • Helgi Carl Johnson says:

        Good morning Leif,
        I am your father’s first cousin. I am proposing the establishment of a walls of honour at the Icelandic Heritage Museum, The University of Manitoba (Icelandic Department), The Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature and the Scandinavian Cultural Centre. The purpose of the project is to honour Icelandiers born in Manitoba, who have made important contributions to society, and would include Sir William Stephenson (a man called intrepid), Stephan G. Stephenson (Arctic explorer and scholar), Baldar Stephenson (the inventor of canola which has created a multi-billion dollar industry), Charlie Thorson (pioneering film animator), the Winnipeg Falcon Hockey team (an all Icelandic Canadian team that won the first Olympic gold medal in that sport) and your father.
        I know that the idea will be well received by everybody, with the possible exception of the museum of Man and Nature. There is an Icelandic display there currently, but it is rather tepid, and they are concerned about not playing favourites with any one ethnic community. This aside, I would apprecite your cooperation in putting together a powerful tribute to your Dad when we get to the next stage. I would also like to reestablish contact with your family.
        Best wishes for good health, happiness and all that is goog in 2011!
        Your cousin,

  2. Hello,
    I sent my headshot and resume via Casting Connection and am following up with this email. I know I am the type of actor you seek for your project. I don’t seem to fall into any generic category, so it can be difficult for me to find suitable acting roles, but I am one who taps into some place inside and am capable of becoming the parts I play. My passion for life’s endless experiences and characters drives me.
    I would love to be a part of your project.

  3. leifthor says:

    Thanks Carl, I’d love to help anyway I can and have emailed you as well. Always nice to meet another cousin, especially from Manitoba!

  4. Leif (and readers)
    Your comment on ‘copies’ reflects back to something about museums and attempting to control images of objects in their collections.
    The advent of digital photography has made the taking of images, cheap, fast and easy. Quality is possible via simple ‘point and shoot’ that would only be available in skills of professional photographers 30 years back.
    About that same point (late 70’s and early 80’s) the museums found money tightening up – and saw ‘selling’ images as a potential revenue source. Some may remember how suddenly photography was not allowed in public museums?
    This is a fight the museums are loosing, a quickly. Search the web and you will find interested members of the public who make available images they have recorded of entire museum gallery collections.
    Is this a good thing? I certainly would say yes. It is absolutely a positive result of just the aspects (ease and low cost) which you point out.

    • leifthor says:

      Thanks for your comment Darrell. Sorry it took so long to see it. I’m still green around the ears on wordpress.

      With all power always going to the “throughput”, replication without compensation is like ownership without taxation. If only people would understand if we all work towards a world where copying is great, we’d eventually not need to work to “earn a living”.



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  7. Insight Tour says:

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