Politics is Religion

Posted: April 4, 2014 in Uncategorized

quote-the-rain-it-raineth-on-the-just-and-also-on-the-unjust-fella-but-chiefly-on-the-just-because-the-charles-synge-christopher-lord-bowen-303906We always like to separate politics and religion, and I’d like to make the case without a distinct religion picked, we as a culture force politics upon others, thereby in effect making politics by default a form of forced religion. It may be of vital importance this distinction is brought to public light.  Let’s start with an example.

Taxes. As a culture there’s an agreement that we each must pay for civilization’s progress as we move forward through paying taxes. Yet when anyone is talking about the things they’d like their tax dollars going to, most Americans feel their tax dollars are going to things they wouldn’t fund, or even support. But taxes are forced, so each American is forced to pay money in to a fund with many things they don’t support, things that don’t represent their interests, and if you don’t want to pay them, you can go to jail, or be fined.

One argument is there are two primary religions within politics, those who feel it’s ok to take assets from others to pay for their government, and those who don’t. And though there are some groups who would label themselves as open groups, like say the Tea party professing Liberty and Freedom yet if you listen long enough you learn they’d like to see “their” style of freedom, a very particular way of living. One group however that can honestly claim to reside firmly in the camp that doesn’t want to take what’s yours to pay for something they’re for is Classical Liberals. Any search on YouTube will outline their core principles. Who knows you might be one yourself. I found it quite Liberating to discover there was a whole group who believed in not taking from others, and they had other ideas about freedom too.

The primary difference between Classical Liberals, and all other political groups is that these other groups feel it’s ok to take your money to pay for a program they like through taxes. Where Classical Liberals feel it’s not ok to take anything from anyone, no matter how worthy a cause. This is the defining difference between a Classical Liberal, and pretty much any other form of politics between Communism & Capitalism. These other groups all profess the need to take from everyone’s piggy banks to keep things rolling smoothly.

This also leads to another primary difference between a Classical Liberal, and all other political parties, for a Classical Liberal may strongly support the idea of welfare to others, giving of themselves to those not so fortunate, but a Classical Liberal refuses to accept anyone should be deprived of their assets to support the cause of another. It simply makes no sense from the perspective of a Classical Liberal who’s primary belief is in individual freedom. So at a minimum, if you’re a Classical Liberal the very existence of taxes put upon you is an assault to everything you believe in and stand for, even to a degree of religious dimensions.

It’s a fact if I can come in and control your assets, I control you to varying degrees. If that’s not forced religion, or forcing someone to live a certain way against their wishes, what is?

It’s understood the US dollar isn’t backed by anything, so the only thing backing it is our belief in it. Isn’t that the same as religion, trust in something that isn’t verifiable?

Is not the defining difference between religions how each religion treats their people through their customs and their rules? Is not politics exactly the same? By choosing a political party you’re close to, you’re defining your political religion, and it can be broken in to one of these two basic groups. You either feel it’s ok to take from others to pay for things you want, or you don’t.

I could have sworn as I was heading out to the first recess on the first day of school the teacher saying some good core rules to us kids before sending us outside to the playground. Let’s see if I can remember. I think it was along the lines of “Ok, children, you’re about to go out and play on your own, and there won’t be many adults to watch over you so you need to be responsible for yourself. No hitting or biting, don’t take anything that’s not yours unless they give it to you, make sure to ask if you want to play with a group, and feel free to introduce yourself, you might just meet your next best friend!” And as far as I can tell, those brief words of wisdom by my 1st grade teacher were great rules to live by in life at any time.

So if politics is religion, which political religion are you?


*It should be pointed out, that in review of both political sides of this coin, those who feel it’s ok to tax are infringing on the rights of those who don’t, whereby if the system had no forced taxation, it wouldn’t infringe on the rights of the other group since nothing is taken from them without their consent.



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