-Global Financial Solutioning

For over 20 years I’ve played a mental game of sorts. I did it for fun. I never expected to find an answer, truly. It was a game I’d play waiting in lines or when I had nothing better to do. The game was simple enough-

“How could the world be fixed?”

Of course it required for me to feel our world needed any kind of repair first, and many now feel as I that as a civilization we can do better than this.

For 99% of the 20 years, it never went far, and it always stopped at the borders of any country, as countries have an inherent belief structure of competition, and if this competition is left unchecked it may not allow us to see the next century (my feeling). If that sounds unpatriotic or paranoid, please understand, a man who feels his home is king while it’s burning around his feet without reaching for some water is well perhaps not the sharpest knife in the drawer. My service is to my planet first.

Again and again, any solution always got cut short due to the entrenched systems in place (countries). Then one day I remembered a quote from my mentor R. Buckminster Fuller-

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

Make countries obsolete? Well ok, it’s a game, how would you do that, and is anyone unpatriotic if they prefer all people working together with no enemies.

Nature is a force you can always count on, except when to count on it as it has it’s own schedule.  Events like that when large usually wipe most species off anyway, so I limited my game to things people could do to effect a change.

I began to research what countries mean to people. And for many people, national unity is a huge deal and many would gladly die for their country. But with growing concern over the world’s long term health, I asked the question “What if people could keep their primary citizenship/nationality, and somehow be offered a second optional global citizenship they could buy in to as much or as little as they wanted?”

Is it a business, or a…country. But how then  can you just create a country out of thin air, or…using Micronations.

And then it hit me-

Find a host micronation or create one  using cutting edge security and digital management. A country everyone could join optionally designed to be a real democracy, run like a business with the primary objective to aid all people rather than businesses , and offer it as a dual citizenship so people can stay in their host country, and remain patriotic, while experimenting with an optional citizenship to this global interconnected nation creating a global ideal democracy for everyone.

If done well, I feel this global nation could begin to break the myth of a Me “or” You world, and turn it in to a Me “and” You world, which if we’re to weather this century will be critical to our success as a people, a species, and as caretakers for the moment of our precious little one and only home floating around in space.

About the time I came up with this idea, I discovered a thing Richard Branson was heading up called Pitch TV. Branson has been one of my heroes for many years. Sorry if you’re rich and you still strive to achieve great things, you’re a hero in my book. When he started Virgin Galactic to eventually begin the first civilian flights to space for anyone, I was so incredibly impressed it began to give me hope for the rest of us.

So I’ve recently sent in my Pitch to well…save the world.

I know, there’s a million reasons why it wouldn’t work, but please consider this, to my knowledge, it’s the only one I’ve heard put forward. So it’s an idea. If it inspires it’s inception, well that’s beyond hope really, but it might get people thinking and it might inspire someone else to put forward another idea that might work better. So either way I couldn’t lose by trying no?

If you think me crazy, isn’t it more crazy that given our current situation, we as a people aren’t putting more genuine effort in to solving our dilemma. If you had to put a reason as to why we aren’t, you may find the words “countries competing”  bubbling up as the probable culprit.

No blame, no shame, countries have carried humanity for thousands of years, and funded so much of history. But right now, at this juncture in our history, we may have to let go of our long term past to survive the here and now future.

My proposal is one way to achieve that, and in a way that avoids violence, while offering it as an option no one has to opt in to, but can if they wish.

One last thing, many have asked me how this second nation could do a better job of providing for people than their host nations. The simple answer is that nations use people as a commodity to support their will among other things. It’s forced compliance, which means in effect, it’s my way or the highway. Don’t blame countries for doing this, as it’s a natural evolution of a society to use it’s people to direct it’s will whatever that is. What makes this global nation different is that this element would be removed perhaps for the first time in human history, since it’s optional citizenry instead of forced. If created, it would also be the first genuine democracy in history, because it would be entirely optional, something citizenry has never had. It could also be the first democracy to exist for the sole purpose of helping all of humanity if it’s done right.

In addition, this action would finally give a person the types of leverage and access to global resources businesses have had since the invention of multinational corporations, and this action is long overdue.

Status as of 5/20/10: The back end is being sorted out. If you feel you’d have something to contribute to the group, please send me an email at leifthor[at]gmail.com

  1. Nick says:

    Do you see this vision already occurring in virtual space with the vast number of globally inspired green groups and the like that are online?
    The big question I have is how to bridge the open source collaborative efforts that are striving towards a deeper global vision with the locally specific economies in which the participants inhabit. I think this is a big piece that very inspiring projects like OSE have not achieved. To my knowledge John Robb and others @ miiu.org are probably trying the most creative approach. Eventually people will get paid for their contributions based on the groups determined merit of work (total clicks, google +’s, likes, and perhaps other metrics).
    Having this link though between idealistic global work and real economies is very important so people can start dedicating themselves to issues they really feel are important.

    • leifthor says:

      Great points Nick, and so sorry for the late reply, I don’t make it to my site often. A good place to start when understanding the new economy coming down the road is when we acknowledge first off that Open Sourcing is gift economics in that it’s premised on the assumption there’s enough to go around, and what’s offered is offered free since the ones offering it have more than enough.

      Having said that, I’m about to create a pitch for $ for a project to respond to exactly what you’re talking about, the back end or the collaborative end. Your right, it does exist more online but not for long. Just as companies can use people’s information to control the market, people can work together as individuals with a joint vision of an Open Source Economy, making city/state culture, which includes taxation obsolete. Imagine taxing becoming obsolete, now doesn’t that sound inviting!

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