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english-island-board-game-lg-picGain Booty, and Learn English

With places like Plateau of Tenses, Plural’s Peak, Spelling Quickstand, and Where to Spaceport, welcome to English Island, the FREE board game that teaches English and makes you rich!

How the game is played-

Players start from the sea, and work inland to reach the treasure. On the way they will encounter areas where they will be challenged in their English language skills. They can advance more quickly or slowly and acquire booty along the way depending on their ability to answer correctly.

Game limitations-

Age 7 and up, starter to masters English level, 1-20 players and up to three teams.

This game was written for Elementary Level.

Up to page 75 in the Cutting Edge book for elementary students

Focus: can can’t, articles a, an, and the

Materials for student teams:

1 set of dice

Some phonetics charts (3 per team)

Some blank paper and pens

1 dictionary per 2 teams

***Any time another team has the answer to a question posed to the team up, they may write it down and offer it to the moderator on a folded piece of paper, which if correct they will get an additional space added to the next role of dice. They will also collect an additional 5,000 doubloons.

To receive the Zipped folder with all the files-

Just email me at        leifthor [at sign]

And I’ll email you the zipped folder. If anyone knows how to create a link to a zipped file for a site hosted on wordpress, please let me know. Then I can make it one easy click download.

History of the Board Game-

While attending a TEFL course in Thailand so as to teach English, part of the course was to come up with a board game that helped kids learn English. They showed us some prior board games from former students, and one that really struck me was one game with an island on it. Sadly it was used as an example of a game that looked great, but offered little in the way of real education coupled with fun. We were taught the key was making a game with latitude, or adjustable or adaptabe so it could adapt to different situations.

English Island can be played by as few as 3 to as many as 20 people (when each game piece is represented by a group of students rather than just one per player piece).

**Note-We always had more success/fun/learning when playing with larger groups, fostering both team and leadership skills.

The Director told me it was the best game ever created by a student, and they hung a copy above his desk.

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