Operations Management

“Leif is a gifted executive type on all levels. His attention to detail is almost superhuman in than he can predict the implications of a business’s action and how in will effect every employee, the market domain, growth, image and more all at the same time. He also is very honest. He carries a debit card of mine so that I can shift funds to finance his projects, and of course trust him enough to do so. His videos for my website have exceeded my expectations. Leif is also the type that if he does not know something, no matter how complicated, he will figure it out.” ~ Lyle Murphy, founder Alternative to Meds Center, recommendation on LinkedIn

Utilizing Nature’s design strategy, companies transition to larger revenue streams while having more fun at the same time. Using Pull Technology, companies are taught to mimic nature’s problem solving mechanics reducing labor and resource output, while increasing revenue and satisfaction of the four constituents (investors, customers, employees, and community).

Student of Bucky Fuller Thor continues to carry the message of using nature’s systems as the most effective technology with her 3 billion year R&D advance especially when it comes to problem solving.

“Why use technology (including business systems) that are relatively new (less than 100,000 years old), when we have technology and evidence all around us of successful business systems that are billions of years in the making. Why reinvent the wheel, especially when nature made a conscious choice not to invent one.

What if it’s how we problem solve that needs to be addressed.”

Alternative to Meds Center

Alternative to Meds Center

SF Window Factory

SF Window Factory

Hilltop Hotel Phuket Thailand

Hilltop Hotel Phuket Thailand

Contact: Leifthor (at) gmail.com

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