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Nestled in the hills overlooking Patong City and the Andaman Sea, the Hilltop Hotel is a beautiful boutique hotel.

However when I came aboard, their chef, and menu were off. Their staff didn’t enjoy working there, and for the most part didn’t speak English. But most importantly their customer satisfaction was at an all time low, and their sales from the last low season had a lot of room for improvement.

hilltop-staffWe started by creating positive incentives for the staff to produce the best experience possible for the customers which increased customer and employee satisfaction.

With less than a month till New Years (the busiest time of the year) while running at 100% capacity, we also began new relationships with Hotel Wholesale companies looking ahead towards the lean times that would come six months down the road.

One month on the job and we began designing and fixing up the rooftop restaurant which had been unusable for over a year.

hilltop-restaurant-night-timeDuring December and Jan 07, we were forced to let go of the kitchen chef and scout out one of the city’s best chefs to create a new dynamic menu. The restaurant never closed and by Christmas the new menu was implemented.
We also created a system of discounts that promoted new business and increased return customers.


Contact: Leifthor (at) gmail.com

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