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(from SF Window Factory Website)

Formerly TP Windows/United Glass & Aluminum located in downtown San Francisco was in business for a number of years, yet struggled to move beyond just getting by to thriving. The owner Hossein Vaheid, had worked tirelessly since the beginning to make them so, but the company had been operating in a small business manner when they needed to graduate to a larger functioning company.

I suggested we could find ways to increase flow within the business. With a large beautiful space to work with, and a limitless market to speak to, we were able to help S.F. Window Factory grow in to it’s revenue expectations.
Company growth is sometimes a difficult process because people and systems are inherently preferential towards set patterns of operations. In some cases, companies need restructuring from top to bottom in order to succeed in growing or they remain stagnant. Here are just a few of the changes we made.

Brand Changes
We changed the name and logos of the company-
TP Window      to      S.F. Window Factory

sf-window-old-showroomThe showroom in bad need of a face-lift, we looked at it’s purpose, which was to show off what was possible with glass these days, not just simply sell them a window they’re familiar with.

This was done by opening up the space substantially, and focusing all the examples within one raised showcase room in the middle of the showroom. SF-window-new-showroom

Infrastructure Changes
We increased employee satisfaction within the workplace by clearly defining each department’s roles.
Changed their singular paper records system successfully over to QuickBooks.

Customer Relations
Managed then delegated large accounts worth over $2,000,000 in business.

Revenue Effect
When hired, the goal was set to raise revenue to over $1,000,000 annually.
In under four months S.F. Window Factory is running at $1,500,000 million a year.



Contact: Leifthor (at) gmail.com

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