Thoughts > Breadth of thought as real estate

Mental-health-iconWhen we think of property, most of us think about our homes, our cars, furniture, essentially stuff.

But I’d like to propose that we may in fact only truly own one piece of property during the course of our lives, our mind. When each of us is born, our mind came in to being, and during the course of our lives, it is the one resource upon all others rest in guiding our lives to ever better outcome. And when our bodies die, our mind dies with us. This consideration is not in any way going to explore after death what happens to our mind or soul, as something that isn’t scientifically proven as yet, that conversation remains in the beautiful realm of wonder for each of us to contemplate. This concept is more about the here and now.

Our mind is where all perception takes place. And perception is a fickle thing. Two people of similar character watching the same sunset can walk away with two radically different perceptions of the event, and all of life is like this. It’s the greatest wonder of mind, this uniqueness to each of our perceptions of the world around us moment to moment. And how perception is created is largely through past experiences, and our judgments of those experiences. Much the same way an X drinker can’t convince a current problem drinker of the results, since as we all know, we often need to live through an experience in order to make any reasonable judgment of it.

But what about things we read that change our perception, as nearly everyone can remember reading something somewhere that changed their view of the world forever. This also goes for when our perception is changed by what someone might have said to us. Many of the shifts our lives take happens when just such a shift takes place. Often we can “decide” the opposite view of what someone says to us or from what we read. And throughout our lives, in a thousand decisions in our day we shape our perception to an ever more individual vibration or note. Another metaphor of this is that we’re each a multifaceted jewel, with no two gems alike, each of us with limitless unique cuts producing a truly one of a kind jewel.

Throughout all of history, the few who control most of the physical assets of the world, have known if they can control other people’s minds, they control the world. Wonderful cases in history where only later we find manipulation or coercion was done in efforts to change the way people think and how they believe, do we realize it wasn’t fact, but merely fiction.

One favorite is the knights of the round table, originally taken from the book Historia Regum Britannia by Geoffrey of Monmouth written in 1136, which for hundreds of years was considered historical fact in English culture, and even today some believe it fact rather than a work of fiction.

Today, more than ever before in all our history is the mind at war to retain it’s identity. From commercials, subliminal messages, a thousand times a day, our minds are besieged to do this, go there, and think that. Independent thought is loosing the battle, and often we help it along by suggesting to the people we come across to think a certain way, most often for the reason they’ll then be in more alignment with our own personal beliefs, this of course for the obvious reason if others think like we do, it makes our idea of right more right.

We all try and insert our own idea of “right” and “wrong” in to others lives as well as our own. This consideration is just one such example. And my goal with this writing is hopefully that those reading it will begin to question other opinions but more importantly respect other peoples opinions, especially when they’re not in alignment with their own points of view.

Often when anyone is given the option of respecting opinions that differ with their own, our minds react offensively. This is our own minds doing what they do so well, supporting our own belief systems, and rejecting beliefs that differ. Like a flavor of a dish we dislike, it sours our taste buds and we reject it. This action by our mind is natural, and there’s nothing inherently wrong with it.

However, if we make the conscious choice to shut out all opposing ideas for consideration, we in fact set to stone to imprison our own minds to an ever narrowing path of reality and perception, which only leads to a smaller and smaller world inside that wondrous real estate of ours, our mind.

If we wish to make our real estate, our property of mind vast, it’s a requirement to always keep an open mind. The more open, the more any of us is willing to hear alternative ideas without shutting them out immediately, the more expansive our real estate of mind is. The more we only seek to hear like minded people, with like minded ideas, though our “right” will feel more right, the good feeling is also a crushingly small house in which to live, only becoming smaller and smaller as each day passes.

In addition, if our minds are fragile, they’re natural tendency is to shut out all conflicting ideas. And a strong mind, a mind comfortable to reason any idea put before it, and does so with each thought put across it’s bow, will invite any opposing view inside, and even offer it tea while considering it’s view.

Practicing changing others to our own points of view, is the practice of a mind with little defenses, and perhaps a path of “the victim” mind.

Practicing not only accepting alternative points of view, but seeing them for what they are, neither good nor bad, just alternative, is the practice of a beautiful resound muscle flexing reasoning mind.

So which path will your tomorrow take? For it’s never too late to build on your property, and make it a mansion worthy of a life’s work. The choice, that beautiful most precious choice is ours alone, and we make it every conversation we have, every idea we hear, and with every judgment we make after the listening.


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