Crowd Funding = The Next Evolution of Capitalism & Socialism

Written by Leifur Thor

Economics Fact: The willingness of the workforce is the largest piece that defines a society’s ability to advance.

1 in 4 new businesses succeed, 3 out of 4 fail, one major downside of Capitalism. And Individual Liberty and Freedom are usually the first casualties of Socialism.

In short, these forms of economics are flawed. But we shouldn’t view them as flawed, but instead as stepping stones to ever richer means of economics and political paradigms whereby the individual keeps all their freedoms and the fruits of their labors, and society becomes a better place to exist and prosper.

So why is crowdfunding the next evolution of Economics and Political Paradigm.

Because you’re taking the best part of Capitalism, the idea that anyone with an idea can change the world. Sometimes in small ways, sometimes in big ways like Ford, Fuller, or Musk.

And by raising the capital through the collective audience, an audience where cooperation isn’t forced, always and only given by consent, a new paradigm shift happens.

Crowdfunding is relatively new. Similar to when the automobile first appeared, it was viewed as a plaything for the rich. Many of the ideas we see on crowdfunding sites are novelties, and some are game changers. The critical key to notice however is HOW they’re functioning, how the capital is being raised, and also how the projects exist through their life cycle.

With feedback and direct participation of the backers, individuals are no longer lone treasure hunters setting out to seek fame and fortune. They become leaders leading small armies of people who believe in the product, idea, or service. Like the early days of the Internet when bandwidth was so tiny photos took minutes to load, and search engines couldn’t hit the side of a barn, crowdfunding is still in a similar infancy.

But if one thing is glaringly apparent, the rate of this economic evolution is staggering. Products are seeing the light of day, movies and games are being made, and made without investment by the richest 1%. Made with nickels and dimes from ordinary people with ordinary lives great new things are coming in to being.

Think of comparing this to our older models of Capitalism and Socialism. Soliciting huge sums of money from wealthy individuals or companies, sacrificing your idea and profits often to the same investors. Or socialism, collectively (in theory) raising the bar of society at the mere cost of the individual’s liberty and freedom to pursue cultural idealism which is another name for not your own.

And what about the old way of investing. The stock market where you’re competing with computers that deal in nanoseconds in order to buy or sell at a profit caring not a lick about the purpose of the company being traded in the background.

This is now replaced with a passionate population of people that are only investing in the things they believe in. It could be argued the majority of the reason for their investment isn’t the potential financial gain to them with the new product their investing it, but their new ability to stand behind with mortar and brick those things they believe in.

And what better condition could any people ask for to create a better world for us all.

Completely optional, never forced.

Purchasable by the common man or woman.

Steered to execution by the creator of the idea, in front of a team, in front of an army of supporters, and everyone has a voice to it.

It’s Social Democracy, and Social Engineering at it’s best.

And when any new paradigm shift comes along, one that better serves The People, those that were the placeholders from before become obsolete.

Governments are obsolete. International corporations have known this for decades and crossed country borders without issue, leaving The People trapped within arbitrary borders drawn, whispered to in the dark of the fear of “other” to steer the workforce/taxbase as they see fit.

Evolution is a natural process. It is a process of specialization of any species to become better at what it does. One can not dispute among all the fascinating traits of human beings, our life blood is solving problems and building ever more amazing things. So the means of how we go about doing that has evolved over time, through painful parts of history fought with blood, sweat, and a great deal of force against Peoples wills.

If you thought when the Internet was introduced, you were seeing something that would change mankind fundamentally, crowdfunding is going to do the same thing to politics and economics by fundamentally changing the course of how we work together to make a better world for ourselves and our children.

This is the dawn of a truly new beginning for humanity, and it’s only just begun. But the People of the 22nd Century are going to look back at all of mankind’s history, our wars, our cultural differences, slavery, and everything before crowdfunding began and wonder quite frankly why we didn’t begin sooner. And to us, at the cusp of this new age dawning, like those who saw the first planes to live long enough to see commercial jet flight, we’re lucky to be here during a most pivotal piece of human history in the making. The beginning of Man’s flowering, when after 5,000 years of research and development, ideas found the quickest road to actualization possible, without force, with love, and most importantly by The People.

Welcome to your future.