Thoughts > Pull vs Push Technology

A more apt name would really be Pull vs Push Problem Solving.

Pull Technology is what nature uses to make everything from you to the atom. Physics attempts to express it, and all of nature’s systems express it. A simple system whereby you must utilize all available resources and in such a way the system your within isn’t put in jeopardy, and it looks visually like how vegetation operates utilizing sun, rain, wind, CO2, and soil to be a success. And in turn it serves the system it’s operating in providing oxygen and nutrients for the soil when it ends it’s cycle. Open cycles are developed until they’re closed cycles. Closed cycles are a success.

Push technology is the primary way of problem solving people are taught. “get it done.” where the goal becomes an image of attainment, or a static point in time where completion is. Treated like the making of a craft item, all effects on the system are primarily ignored, instead striving for “it” to be done/ready/complete. But once complete, how the thing interacts with the environment isn’t anyone’s care. If it were, manufacturers would be responsible to create packaging and products that were truly recyclable. It’s the open ended non-closed systems in front of our eyes that we must address for the Revolution of Integration.

There’s a different perspective on problem solving, one that’s more in tune with the reality we’re surrounded and inundated inside and outside other systems all working together rather than the common perception we’re owners of the earth to do as we please however it suits us. There’s no problem with believing we can do as we like, but it’s a mathematical certainty within any system if one piece goes 90 degrees in contention with the system’s processes, the system will seek to expel the now perceived threat.

The WIGET and the transoceanic private WIG use pull technology and the environment in their purpose. For the WIGET the wheels become air, utilizing the advantage of being at the bottom of the ocean of air where the pressures are greatest. It also reduces friction and maintenance, utilizing the advantages of Ground Effect, something every bird uses daily. For the transoceanic plane, the ocean becomes a resting spot hopping across the planet, while the fuel consumption is half what a normal plane uses and that was 20 years ago. This number can only go down as energy production technology evolves.

Birds evolved flight only due to the advantages of Ground Effect.

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