The 3% Consumption Tax That Could Run The United States

Many agree on the problems of the current state of America, but when it comes to solutions, ideas are broad and varied in their directions and ideals. I’d like once again to do the unholy of unholies and put forth a proposal to return America to the greatness it once was (it worked well with the modern translation of the Declaration of Independence right?

This proposal is based on the Declaration of Independence and of the United States Constitution in it’s principle form, and that above all else, individual Liberty and Freedom to pursue our own ideas of happiness are what make this country strong. But hang on because these measures are quite drastic compared to our current governmental system, but if you really want Freedom and Liberty for yourself, you’ll have to allow everyone else on the bus too. Here we go~


Only one tax inside US borders, the 1 – 1 – 1 consumption tax – 1% for Federal budget, 1% for State budget, and 1% for City budgets, based off the gross national product.


The only way to bring the US government back on course with Freedom and Liberty, is to make it so it isn’t prosperous to be corrupt rather than attempt to have good politicians or virtuous laws.

Prior to the 20th Century, there was no income tax in the united States.

Now on average over 71 cents of every dollar is going to taxes (if you include hidden taxes), and so it’s a worthy prize to you personally and to those who would take what’s yours by buying a politician or a law.

So should we make even more laws to catch corrupt politicians, or is it time to simply, methodically, reduce the federal, state, and city budgets so we the citizens who’ve been paying these high taxes, can use our money more wisely.

Everyone would pay it, no write offs, 1% of the gross national product would be the budget for the federal arm, 1% would go to state budgets, and 1% to cities. That’s right, the combined budgets of the Federal, State(s), and cities within US borders would be 3% of the gross national budget, and we can do it quite easily. The 1-1-1 tax plus the ideas below would bring about a renaissance the world has never seen of creativity and a happy people, leaving our growing police state to the history books/iPads of yesterday.

An end to limited liability corporations in the US-

Businesses with people manning them would be welcome, however limited liability corporations would not.

Reasoning: When America was founded, all corporations had to be of limited scale and length in life (created to make a bridge or build a dam etc.), and they had to be approved by congress. This was done because history had shown when large amounts of resources be it for private business or government were allowed to be liability free, it jeopardized the Liberty and Freedom of populations through it’s sheer scale. By the end of the 19th Century, most laws restricting limited liability corporations had been struck. Blameless, and more often than not unable to respect the environment or the people who live there, limited liability corporations have been able to hide from accountability, they’ve decimated millions of people’s lives, and stolen hundreds of trillions of dollars over history and it’s unacceptable to a Free People to have to pay for their mistakes.

Social Security, Obamacare, Food Stamps become voluntary – Though the programs as we know them are ended, their systems are left in place for anyone who wished to donate directly to. Whatever is donated each week is distributed to card holders. Everyone is issued a card, and citizens can turn off their card, leaving the money for those who’ve left theirs on. Saving for healthcare or retirement are done by the individual not the State.

Reasoning: It’s a fact we’re more careful at spending our own money than we are at spending someone else’s. The government likewise will never spend your money as well as you will. Please explore the data.

All Drugs are legalized-

Reasoning: According to the US Constitution, the People of the United States are free to eat, drink, or take whatever they like. Why? Because it’s every human being’s eternal right to do what they like with their own body. Restaurant owners can decide for themselves if they want their restaurants smoking/non-smoking or however they like because it’s their business, they should be free to run it as they want to. A boss is free to ask his employees to be drug free while on the job, but not when off the clock. Any Citizen should be free to do as they like on their own time.

*Stiff laws would still remain in effect if anyone was to harm another person(s) while under the influence of a drug or not.

All regulations are ended-

Reasoning: Regulations like taxes are simply mechanisms of control by those already owning more than others. They’re used to repress free trade. If you think it’s necessary for the safety of the American People to have regulators, then how did people get by before them? For a free market to flourish, it’s necessary it remain fluid, so if say a company does something everyone disagrees with, like say in the case of the tuna fishing industry catching dolphins along with tuna, then the People rise up, and the industry adjusts. The People rose up, and now the tuna fishing industry uses different fishing methods so dolphins aren’t killed in the process. This really happened, and no government regulation was necessary. The changes within the tuna fishing industry changed very quickly responding naturally to the demand of the market. Most people feel the open market too simple a mechanism requiring some form of regulation, but I’d challenge you to notice how the open market not only regulates itself, but also creates solutions to problems without a single politician or tax dollar, how ordinary people step up to create something amazing because they see how they can fix it, and they were given the freedom to do it. Any figure in American history of any character became what they became because they were given the freedom to do so, not through any government regulations.

All import/export tariffs are ended-

Reasoning: Tariffs have been a mechanism for business to play favoritism, so shoddy products which should die in the market are falsely propped up long past their usefulness to society as a whole.

Any and all economic subsidies end-

Reasoning: Subsidies like regulation only serve to create a false market where companies that would normally fail are propped up or floated spurring more investment in a bottomless pit.

US offers dual citizenship to anyone who wishes to become a US citizen in addition to their own host nation-

Reasoning: We’re a Free nation, period. When for any reason we change it to Limited Freedom, we might as well start by limiting our own first…again. Please examine the data.

The rule of law, a citizen’s right to a fair trial with a jury of his or her peers would become a core/foundation of the newer smaller more limited government- Most of the budget would go towards this running smoothly, so people would by compensated for their time when asked to be on a jury, and better informed as to the process of creating an informed opinion.

Reasoning: The founding fathers of America realized the ease of which any government could and would take over the role of playing judge and jury, and so the judiciary system of the United States was created so every citizen was guaranteed a fair trial by their peers if accused of a crime. It’s become trivialized within the American lexicon endangering our Freedom and Liberty. Please look at the data.

Since police admit their role is to enforce the law, not prevent it, self defense becomes a personal responsibility.  Citizens are offered a firearm (if they wish) and offered any number of different type self defense courses- paid for by the federal government budget.

Reasoning: It reduces crime, empowers the citizen to be more self directed and accountable, and makes a country more able to defend itself from outside attack. Please look at the data.

Turning the Residence Act over, so Washington DC becomes a part of the United States, falling under the same federal laws as the people within the States-

Reasoning: Currently Washington DC is not a part of the United States. It’s not required to follow the laws the people who work there set on paper, and this is either treason, or simply criminal behavior, either way, those who make any laws need to be at a minimum accountable to the very laws they write. Returning Washington DC to the United States would make Senators and Congressmen accountable to those they serve.

Patriot Act & North American Defense Authorization Act terminated-

Reasoning: None needed, other than they’re abominations to the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, while offering little or no benefit against foreign threats.

All military budgets are brought under control so they can not exceed their 10% of the total federal budget- (the other 90% going to infrastructure, bridges, roads, parks)

Reasoning: Because it’s now impossible to secure your safety with the development of the drone, by default, it’s now impossible to make anyone, or anywhere secure, hence warfare as we know has become obsolete as of 2014.

Most drug related prisoners (where no violence was involved) would be released- Since the laws they were incriminated under were unjust.

Reasoning: Many might think it’s more mouths to feed, but it’s also savings in prison budgets, which are nothing short of criminal themselves.

All prisons become property of the States they’re in – Prior prison owners are compensated with State Bonds. No more privatized prisons and jails. Most are closed due to inactivity.

Reasoning: Prisons and private business should never sleep together, or the result is more prisons. This is very basic 1+1 math. Please look at the data.

All troops abroad brought home-

Reasoning: We’re a nation of people, a free people, so meddling in other people’s affairs in other countries simply isn’t American.

The Executive Branch is no longer able to send a single soldier anywhere without Congress’s approval-

Reasoning: Congress only has a couple major responsibilities, deciding if American troops should be sent anywhere in or outside the United States (any skirmish should be rare outside our borders, since the military would no longer be used to defend US corporations abroad), passing laws, which in hindsight, they’ve not treated well historically, and kicking out a president if he or she need to be impeached, that’s their job. Beyond the current administration’s assault on the Constitution, how do we hold Congress accountable when they cower to the executive branch to do as it wishes writing laws as it pleases. This is unacceptable to the American People whose sole role of government is to hold and maintain the freedoms of the people. The executive branch of the united States government is not permitted by law to write laws, period. Please examine the data.

All political positions held within city, state, and federal terms are limited to one term only, no exception-

Reasoning: As long as any candidate can have more than 1 term, they’ll spend a percentage of the first term they’re in office securing the second term, and on and on the more terms one has. Please examine the data.

Corporate, property, income, and inheritance taxes end-

Reasoning: Any tax by its definition is an exclusionary event, you’re either for it, or against it. If you have to have a tax system, it’s a fact sticking to a single simple consumption tax is the best way to distribute the tax burden so everyone is sharing the costs equally. It also spurs investment and saving for both an individual and business’s future.

I’d like to take a moment to illustrate just how terrible taxes currently are to an average American citizen’s life.

Tina makes $1,800 a month working at her job. Between her rent, groceries, car expenses, healthcare, and other needed necessities, she spends $1,600 mo, leaving her $200 for disposable income each month which she can spend on something fun, save, or choose to invest.

Then one day, her boss gives her a 10% raise in her salary, so now she’s making $1,980, which may not sound like a big leap in her income, but look at how it affects her disposable income, nearly doubling it! Now she’s got nearly twice the money to play with, save or invest every month than what she had before!

The insidiousness of taxes is exactly like this. We all have mandatory expenses we need to secure a roof over our heads and food in our bellies, so whenever a minor % is either added or taken away to the figure as a whole (as in the case with taxes), it makes a huge impact on our lives because the money on our end funding it is from our disposable income, or money we’d have to invest.

All parking on streets (other than yellow and red zones) is made free-

Reasoning: Meter-maids, administration and administration housing, tow trucks, lots, all cost money. It’s also nearly the poorest example of what the concept of government is capable of.

Suicide is legalized (as long as it’s done in such a way so it doesn’t endanger others)-

Reasoning: Everyone has a right to their own body and its products, just as much as their rights laid out in the Bill of Rights. If you don’t have the right to end your own life, you’re no different than cattle.

All government welfare ends-

Reasoning: You have the right to be smart or dumb, pursue a better future for yourself, or live as simple a life as anyone can find. Have 1, 10, or no kids if you want, but no one should have a right to goods or services paid for by you through virtue of simply being a person. Everyone needs to earn their keep somehow. But with many times over people’s disposable incomes multiplying, it may not be long before people are donating to causes they feel close to, or creating more new businesses they’ll need employees for.

Minimum Wage is abolished-

Reasoning: Though it was created with the ideal to serve those less fortunate, it’s only hurt them the most by making it so employers can’t hire the young up and coming labor market, being forced to hire only trained employees instead. This ruins apprenticeships, and a climate where youth or anyone wishing to learn new skills can offer their services for less than another, again creating a propped up market built to implode.

All Federal parkland is returned to the States- with the agreement the states can not develop the land for the next 100 years. The Federal government is restrained to land ownership within Washington DC area.

Reasoning: Turning State land in to Federal property is an act of piracy by the federal branch of the government against the People of the States who the lands belong to, as well as to the the preservation of their beauty. Please examine the data.

With the combined budgets of federal, state, and city governments totaling only 3% of the gross national product, lobbyists would cease to be such a lucrative business, and politicians could go back to what they’re there for, securing our freedoms so we then in turn can each be amazing in our own personally defined ways.

The Federal Reserve is closed down- And it’s added to the Constitution that forever more the government will print it’s own money. The fractional reserve poncy scheme is made illegal. Banks can only lend what they have in their safes.

Reasoning: Too many infractions of Liberty through piracy by the banks from the wealth of each American citizen. By controlling the money, the banks have controlled society, and it’s time to stop the madness our ancestors couldn’t see but we’ll not look away from any longer. Control of our nation’s wealth by private bankers must end, no debate, no substitutions, and we hope with no one being hurt.


To summarize, the key to this plan’s success lies within limiting the scope of government 1st, and then finding ways to pay for the budget we set, rather than create a cause, then a law invariably followed by regulation and a blank check attached which our children will pay for.


Thank you for your time in considering these ideas~


Leifur Thor

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