Thoughts > A Science Experiment with Heart – Come play along!

Heart_rotatingThis is a science experiment you can try when you have a few minutes of free time. You can do it at any time of day or night, but if around 6pm, there might be more ability for the rest of us to track the results. After I describe the experiment, I’ll go in to blocks that may arise.

It goes something like this-

Sitting in a quiet place, close your eyes, and notice the object you’re sitting on, chair, pillow, whatever. Then notice the floor beneath, and keep noticing what’s below that till you notice the ground. Then see below that looking deeper and deeper till you reach the core of the Earth a spinning ball of molten lead over a thousand miles in diameter. Our earth’s core spins faster than us on the surface generating our magnetic field that protects everything on the Earth from the harmful radiation from the sun and it’s responsible for most of the heat we feel here on the surface. Let’s take a moment and just notice this massive magnet, it’s size, and that it’s spinning.

Then going back to where you’re sitting, notice the envelope of atmosphere surrounding our Earth and notice it entering your lungs with each breath. How this air enters your lungs, providing life energy to our hearts. Notice your heart beating from this exchange, and how it powers whatever we love in life. Take a moment to thank your heart for all the wonderful work it does, nothing too big, just a “Thanks heart you’re awesome:)” kind of thought.

Then reaching out from your body with your eyes still closed, think of someone you love in your life. If no one comes to mind, think of someone alive who you admire, who’s heart is beating right now somewhere. And with you mind, look through their skin and bones till you see their heart beating, and then again send some love of appreciation to their heart for powering them to do or say the things they’ve done that inspire you. Nothing complex, just a “Thanks, you’re awesome:)” thought, and make sure you say it to their heart, not the person’s mind.

Then after a moment, and this is where the fun really begins for the road from here out needs to come from of place of equal footing, no feeling better than from your doing this exercise, in fact if you can proceed from here in humble appreciation the experiment will have the largest effect.

Moving outward from this heart you’ve stroked, begin to imagine different ages of people, different colors of people, picturing each of these people doing life, mothers, students, carpenters, lawyers, old, young, tall, short, thin, large, the more we can open to inclusion the better. Imagine people in other countries sitting down to eat, sleeping, looking out a window, reading a book or watching TV, brushing their teeth or making a meal. Notice them talking in languages you don’t understand yet saying things you might say like pass the salt, or I’d like that sandwich. Notice the arguments, the fights, the words of love between these people. Notice the jails, those behind bars, the thieves, robbers and rapists and murderers, the politicians we might hate, the religions we might loathe, the separatists, the fanatics, and then once you feel all these people, the more broad the group the better, notice each of their hearts beating.

Notice each one having the ability to love, to feel sadness, or anger, and just so very gently not to invade anyone, lightly thank their heart for being amazing like our hearts are amazing. For beating, for loving, for having passion, and if you notice a heart needing more love than another, feel free to pause there and notice their beautiful heart more. Don’t be better or less than them, for none of us know what’s brought any of us to our place in the world, this exercise is just about noticing and thanking as many hearts as we feel like thanking.

Stepping away from these hearts notice the pulsing lines of energy you’re sending out millions, billions stroking all these hearts in the world, and feel inside you have the capacity within you to stroke billions more if it was possible, and how effortless with only one planet to play this fun exercise it is.

And then, when you’re ready, go back to your own heart and notice it’s size it’s strength increasing from the shared love from all those other hearts. Notice it beating sending blood to every vain, every cell.

Then, put your hands over your eyes so they’re blocking out the light, and open your eyes while keeping your hands over your eyes. And after a moment, slowly lower your hands from your eyes letting the light in. Allow your eyes to adjust from the dark to the light, until your hands can drop completely.

This exercise shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes of time, but the first couple attempts might take longer.

Potential blocks you may encounter.

If you attempt this exercise once, you may run in to your mind wanting to get stuck on what some of these people are doing, you might want to taste the food, or understand the conversation. With practice, you’ll find it easier and easier to not get caught up in whatever it is they’re doing, and thank their hearts.

Judgment is another object that may want to insert itself when you run the experiment, especially with criminals, politicians, and other deceitful people you normally hate. Again the best way to stay clear of falling in to judging these folks is to attempt this exercise more than once. And possibly these folks may need heart strokes the most.

Whenever we vision something we desire, a job a car, someone to share love with, our minds will quite naturally insert blocks to our efforts, finding ways to say, we can’t have that because… And this is where the fun begins with this exercise. For when we practice this more than once, these blocks will eventually fall to the side, and again don’t at all stress it if they don’t right away, whatever you achieve here is perfect wonderful and right on schedule.

If you should somehow succeed on the first attempt to not judge and touch everyone’s heart, or if after a few times practicing this exercise, you’re able to reach everyone’s heart, then begin to expand beyond just people’s hearts and notice the hearts of animals, and insects. Even the tiniest of mosquitoes we come across has a beating heart inside, powering their bodies around, flapping their wings, or powering their fins, hooves, or paws, enabling each to love, feel anger or sadness and many of the emotions we feel. They may not have big brains, they may think little during their lives, but each creature knows feeling.

You may change the world with just your efforts alone. Don’t hold that this exercise requires many minds to conduct it at some appointed time (which of course if different depending on where you are in the world lol). Hold that you yourself could effortlessly do this for more than just the Earth, for a hundred or a thousand planets if we inhabited them too. That it’s easy, effortless, and just a fun little playful exercise to do when you have a moment or two.

I’m so curious to hear of any results you encounter. The successes, the blocks that arise, all wonderful parts of the process of this Heart Energy Exercise.

Thanks for reading this, and if you’ve tried it out yourself, and if you find it useful, feel free to share it. Many will laugh, many will scoff, and that’s natural for mankind has always faced opposition to the idea each of us could move mountains. But what if each of us alone has the power to change the world, what might come to pass if hundreds thousands millions and possibly billions each capable to change the world played this game, flexing our love? What might come from that?


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